How to make Chinese Eight Grain Porridge from scratch: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Here is a step-by-step recipe (with Pictures) for making Chinese Eight Grain Porridge from scratch in 4 Steps. We all know that grains especially whole grains are very good for us but how to include grains in our diet? My brother likes toasted Muesli: Open. Pour. Nom Nom Nom. Although we were brought up together, our food preferences are quite different. I found the Muesli bland and hard to chew. I like warm multigrain porridge for breakfast. Chinese Eight Grain Porridge is a wholesome breakfast that keeps me going until lunch – silky smooth, soft texture and plenty of flavors. We eat this the same way you eat oatmeal.

Chinese Eight Grain Porridge Recipe


8-10 persons


300g eight grain porridge mix (1 packet)
1800ml water
sugar to taste (optional)


1. Put grains into a heavy or thick bottomed pot.
2. Rinse the mixed grains once, add water and bring it to a boil.
3. Lower the heat and simmer for an hour or more until everything is cooked. Stir occasionally.
4. Add sugar to taste and enjoy your Homemade Chinese Eight Grain Porridge.


  • 1 packet of eight grain porridge mix from ‘Spring Food Supplies Sdn Bhd’ contains 300g of mixed grains including Oat, Buckwheat, Millet, Sorghum, Brown Rice, Glutinous Rice, Black Glutinous Rice and Whole Wheat.
Nutrition Information
  Per 100g
Calories 323cal
Carbohydrate 72g
Protein 8.5g
Fat 0.7g
  • 300g of mixed grains will feed approximately 8 to 10 people (small eater). For fewer servings, reduce ingredients accordingly.
  • Where to buy eight grain porridge mix? I bought it at AEON Jusco, only RM3.50 per pack, very cheap! If you could not find ready-mixed eight grain porridge ingredients in your country, try to make your own by mixing equal weights of each grain. There is no formula for what grains you have to use.
  • Use a heavy or thick bottomed pot to cook porridge. I am using Midea Slow Cooker (purple clay).
  • The best grain/rice-water ratio for cooking Chinese porridge is 1:7 (1 cup of rice to 7 cups of water) but nothing needs to be exact. You can cook with more water depending on whether you want a thick or a light porridge. There are basically 3 consistencies: thick; medium; thin. I like it very thick so my ratio is 1:6.
  • The porridge will thicken as it cools. If it is too thick, add some water.
  • To add natural sweetness to your porridge: red dates or dried longans are great to add a touch of flavor to your hot porridge (cook together with other ingredients). More healthy choice? Substitute honey for sugar.
  • You might want to soak the grains as soaking grains before cooking renders the nutrients in grains more digestible and more easily assimilated by our bodies.