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Shirley says, April 10th, 2014   

Hi, i have tried the farm fresh probiotic yogurt drink , it was perfectly best :)), pls advise me where can i buy from Butterworth area, penang Thanks

Chen says, April 12th, 2014   

Try to find it at Jusco, Giant or Cold Storage. If you cannot find Farm Fresh Yogurt, try Sunglo Yoghurt. It tastes good too.

lau says, April 24th, 2015   

Hi Chen,

Just bought farm fresh yogurt to eat and do not know the correct way to eat.

-Is they any minimum or maximum time to eat once it is outside the 4 degree Celsius temp freezer to place it at dinning table?

-How much we eat(ml or gm) per day is consider enough for an adult?

-Can I open and eat like that or should mix with other fruits or …?

-If open fridge many times and caused yogurt required 4 deg C temp is way out, so can continue eating?

-How soon can I be felt the effectiveness? In what way or form or body reaction by itself or….?

-If I stop eating 1 day or 2 day, is it okay? then continue..

Thank you.

best regards,

Chen says, April 25th, 2015   

Hi Lau,

– It is better to take it as soon as possible I guess. I always blend it with fruits and drink straight away without leaving it too long.

– You can google it. I am not sure about your second question. Perhaps, 1/2 cup to 1 cup per day?

– You can open and eat like that but it tastes sour.

– A tub of yogurt last me a week. It is okay to eat as long as it has not reached the expiry date.

– For the last two questions. As far as I know, yogurt is good for health. Just like Vegetables. I cannot give you any precise answer because I am just a blogger. Consult a Doctor or Nutritionist if you want to know more in details.

Thanks for leaving me a comment^^


Daniel says, December 19th, 2015   

The 1.5 kg one save alot of money.@@ wondering how fast should i finish it after i open it. Can it last for 3 days or u finish all of it one go. Hahaha

Chen says, December 24th, 2015   

longest I keep for 1 week.. haha

misscha says, January 11th, 2016   

how long yogurt last after opening :-

Refrigerator = 5-7 days
freezer = 1-2 month

p/s: bought the 1.5kg then separate it in other container and put it in freezer. dont forget to put aside amount that u can consume in 1 week

Kiran Kumar says, May 24th, 2016   

from past 3 weeks i did not found 1.5 kg yogurt in any outlets
have you people stop the production??

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