How to get Perfect Skin in a week

Hello my dear readers, Happy New Year! Let’s start a brand new chapter, now. It is never too late to make a brand new start. I have changed my blog’s title, description and theme if you realized. I am going to keep this site as a Diary of my skin. First day of the year, I am sorry to my face for all I have put it through. I have to fix my skin this year, step by step from acne to scars to enlarged pores to dark skin. I want 100% absolutely flawless, youthful and translucent skin like many Korean celebrities. For the past few years, I have been through a lot and I have learned a lot too. Today’s topic is ‘How to get Perfect Skin in a week’, an interesting topic I found on the net. However, in this entry, I am not going to teach you how to get perfect skin in a week because there is no such thing, from my experience. You could find many ways, many beauty tips if you Google but bear in mind that you cannot get Perfect Skin in a week. Perhaps, it is possible for people with minor problems but impossible for oily acne problem skin. Taking care of your skin for only a week does not make sense. A good DAILY skin care routine is needed if you really want to get clear skin. I have been taking care of my skin for years. I have done a lot of reading and re-searching about skin but I still have skin problems to be fixed: acne scars and enlarged pores. You knew this if you follow my Fractional Co2 Laser entries. I am recently very interested in natural remedies for skin like coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, honey, rice vinegar, just to name a few. I have known all these for years. I had tried some of the natural home remedies before but I gave up after I saw no results in just a few days. Perhaps, I got to be more persistent. There is no such a thing as overnight success. To get what we desire, we really got to put in a lot of effort, take actions, test, analyze the result, if there is a problem, understand the problem, find solution, strive for success as much as possible. Where there is a will there is a way. For those who have skin problems, DO NOT GIVE UP! I can really understand the pain. Suddenly I feel very sleepy I shall stop here. Have a nice day.

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