How to go Jeju Island from Seoul

How to go Jeju Island from Seoul? We’ve made a mistake! Our journey from Seoul to Jeju took about 24 hours. Why? The story starts from the International tourists’ Free Shuttle Bus from Seoul to Busan. Yes, it’s FREE and we’ve made reservation for that online and received our tickets via e-mail. You can apply that at visit Korea year website if you are interested. The bus scheduled to be arrived Busan at 2pm but unexpectedly we arrived there around 3pm. Our initial plan is to go to Haeundae beach for a walk but we don’t have enough time after our late lunch. In addition, we have to collect our ferry tickets before 6pm, so we gave up that plan and took taxi to the port.

Ferry from Busan to Jeju

Ferry from Busan to Jeju
I think after you read this entry, you no longer have the thought of taking Ferry from Busan to Jeju. At first, I was very excited and I actually thought that the ferry looked somehow like the Halong Bay cruise or at least, there are beds for you to sleep but reality is always different from dream or maybe I should Google it before I agreed to the plan. I’m not blaming my friend who made this plan because I appreciated their efforts a lot *from the bottom of my heart*. Though, it’s a good experience and we did enjoy ourselves on the ferry but I swear I will never take ferry to Jeju anymore. We bought the cheapest ticket, 39000 won for one person. There were no beds for us and the night is long, about 11 sailing hours. We chatted, ate Korean instant noodles, took photos and slept on our bags. The Free Shuttle Bus departed from Seoul at 8am Saturday morning and we reached Jeju at 8am Sunday morning, a total of 24 hours which 7 hours on bus and 11 hours on ferry. That’s crazy!

Jeju Airlines

Jeju Airlines
The best option to take flights from Seoul to Jeju Island, save time, money and energy. Luckily we did make a smart decision of taking Jeju Air back to Seoul which cost us about 34000 won for one way one person. How long is the flight between Seoul to Jeju Island? It’s about one hour. Airlines that fly from Seoul to Jeju or Jeju to Seoul include Korean Air, Jeju Air, Eastar Jet and Jin Air. For Jin Air, they did have flights from Seoul to Jeju in Korean but I’m not sure why they don’t have domestic flight selection in other languages perhaps they offer domestic flights for locals only?

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