How to Shrink Pores Day 355

It has been 355 days since I have started to write my skin journey here (Fractional Co2 Laser Day 1). I have been battling acne, scars, large pores on nose for years. I just did my second treatment of 30% Salicylic Acid Peel at home 6 days ago. Result has been constantly disappointing. The scars and pores are still deep. Oil, dirt and and dead skin cells often build up fast in just a few days. See photo. Quite similar to Day 279, means my skin has no improvement at all after 76 days. I have nothing more to say. I will keep trying. Another reason I came here to update is that I had received a message from a reader from Indonesia regarding CO2 Laser Treatment to minimize pores. I would like to share the her questions and my answers here.

Co2 Questions and Answers

Q: Hello my name is Wxxxx. I notice you have been doing the laser for minimizing pore, I do have that problem also and I am from Indonesia. Can you tell me how much it cost for you to do Co2 Laser there per treatment and how many times it needed? (my pore condition is pretty much same like yours before you begin doing it). I want to compare your place with the one here because I am considering to getting one too and I have extra question, I have a really dark underarms. Do you know any clinic in Malaysia or Singapore where can help me to get some plastic surgery, laser or anything to get rid a very dark underarm problem? It has been lasting for my entire life and really affecting my self esteem, I do not care how much it costs as long as there is a guarantee that it can be gone. I am open to anything. I am really desperate right now because I have been trying like almost 8 years with no result. I have been trying to find almost every cream and go to many doctor in Indonesia but nothing work and I feel like I am giving up with the clinic here for this matter. If you do not know it is okay hehe. I just want to share my story and might be you know some solution for me. Thank you very much.

How to Shrink Pores Day 355

A: Hi Wxxxx, thank you for contacting and sharing your stories with me. I am very happy. In my opinion, laser treatment is not a good choice. I did 4 times but my pores are still visible, no magic. My doctor advised me that I need more than 10 sessions, can you believe this? It sounds really crazy to me. Normal price for one session here can be range from RM400-RM800. I got mine from buying Groupon voucher which is way cheaper about RM100 per session. It depends on where you go. If you have pores like me, I suggest you to try Chemical Peels (Salicylic Acid Peels) or Dermaroller, I am currently trying these at home (I am poor). Someone contacted me, like you, told me about TCA treatment (a kind of chemical peels). There are many more types of Chemical Peels but I have limited knowledge. You can always consult a doctor before you try anything. Make sure the doctor is not money-driven and make sure you calm yourself down and don’t be too desperate and make decision too fast. Listen to every advice carefully and do online research. I actually a little bit regret doing Co2 Laser because I always feel that there are some laser marks left on my cheeks below eyes area. My face skin had no problems but after laser I found there are some tiny holes from the laser that could not be recovered (perhaps need chemical peels). I read reviews online and some people got “orange-peel-skin” after laser. It was a year back I did the laser, I was like you, very desperate and have low self esteem. I have been trying many things for more than 10 years I guess. Even now I am still trying and learning and I have come to understand many things. We shall learn to love our imperfections more. You can always try as many things as you want, but make sure you don’t hurt yourself. For dark underarms, do you use too much deodorant? I have body odor (many people have it) but I did not use Deodorant, I use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. I did not use it everyday I only use it when I need it. Isopropyl Alcohol helps to clean your underarms and kill the bacteria that cause body odor. I am not sure whether it is good or bad but I think using Isopropyl Alcohol is better than using Deodorant. Dirt, Bacteria and Chemicals may be the causes of your dark underarms. Keep it clean and try some home remedies. I am trying home remedies for my face and I feel good. Just that it takes time. Do not be in a hurry. Our body needs time to heal itself and never give up, you will find a way. Good luck in your journey of searching the beauty. Have a nice day.

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