Korean Plastic Surgery

I came across a blogger interview about a Singaporean girl, Miss Lemonade, who sold her Louis Vuitton to pay for Korean Plastic Surgery. Double Eyelid Surgery, Fat Graft, Botox, Nose Job, Dimple Creation, Liposuction, Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment, etc. she shared her experiences on her blog. She told us about the bloody and gruesome side of plastic surgery. I am very impressed after reading her interview. I feel more enthusiastic and ambitious. It is not only me who is concerned about a smooth and pretty face, whether we admit it or not we all try our best to look and feel beautiful. There are many reasons for the increasing focus on our appearance, including peer pressure, influence of media, etc. Who wants to look ugly or be the odd one? I had a short discussion with my friends and we agreed that today’s fast moving media, content and technology space has a strong influence over us. We are exposed to all sorts of media outlets, from movies, dramas and advertising to social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We see a lot of perfect-looking models as well as actors and actresses wearing beautiful clothes made by international acclaimed fashion designers. The media often influences how we feel about our appearance. We lose confidence with ourselves and change our appearance or personality to fulfill the media’s standards. The media encourages us to have plastic surgery.

Korean Plastic Surgery Before and After

Korean Plastic Surgery is very common in Korea. There are many before and after plastic surgery advertisements in the train if you notice. Many celebrities rumored to have undergone surgery to enhance their looks. They look attractive and make us want to look like them. Moreover, I think selfies are causing increase in demand for plastic surgery. Celebrities, our friends upload hundreds of images of themselves to their social media sites each week, i.e. tall and slim with glowing skin and lustrous hair, we may feel the pressure to look like them. We will go under the knife desperate to look perfect in our selfies. Miss Lemonade looks more confident in her selfies after undergoing plastic surgery procedures. She is such a brave girl. I like how she said that she thought she just had to start somewhere and she sold her LV bag to get money for her first double eyelid surgery at Thailand. No more procrastination. Her experience of having double eyelid surgery in Thailand was horrible. She then went to “JW Plastic Surgery Korea”. And then, she switched to “ID Plastic Surgery Hospital Korea” also known as “ID Hospital Korea”, a renowned plastic surgery hospital in Korea featured in a Korean Reality Plastic Surgery Makeover TV Show, “Let Me In”. In order to achieve a dream, we have to take the first step, do not wait, the best time to start is now. I have always wanted 100% flawless skin and I have started my journey few years ago but only started to record it down by blogging here since last year. I am still on my way to get my flawless skin. Like Miss Lemonade, I can fail but I must not give up.

Korean Plastic Surgery

Extreme Korean Plastic Surgery

After reading the interview, I searched for more information about Korean Plastic Surgery and I found an extreme case, A Brazilian guy, Xiahn Nishi, undergone 10 plastic surgeries to look like a Korean Kpop Star. I could not believe this. Can you see how powerful media can be? Bear in mind that plastic surgery could go wrong, look at Former Korean model Hang Mioku, the women who spoilt her own face, she is still disfigured and she said she wishes she could have her old face back. If you are considering Korean plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery, think twice. I am neither encouraging plastic surgery nor against plastic surgery here. I have never thought of modifying my face. All I want is clear acne free healthy glowing skin and I am trying homemade natural skin care ideas. I strongly believe that we can enhance our beauty through food and exercise.
Extreme Korean Plastic Surgery
In addition, Miss Lemonade said that dealing with the downtime is not easy. Plastic surgery is not about the surgery or the recovery. It is all about the downtime. Her face swelled beyond recognition for months. I deeply understand what she meant as I had undergone Co2 Laser, Salicylic Acid Chemical Peels and Dermaroller treatments too. Although the downtime is mild and short (about one week’s time) as compared to what she had been through, the week was not easy for me. I just stayed at home to avoid people looking at me strangely. I slept for hours and hours because I was scared to look into the mirror. I was not sure whether my skin would be healed and whether the pinholes laser marks caused by the Co2 Laser Treatment would disappear or would it be permanently there. I was worried that I spoilt my own face like Hang Mioku. I got to deal with stress, anxiety and depression. Luckily, I managed to keep myself positive during the downtime.
Korean Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Ask yourself, do you really need it? Are you able to accept the bloody downtime? Do not hope for miracle, there is no miracle in plastic surgery. Everything needs time. You will need to give it the time it needs, and see the final result before you make any judgment. Read and do more research about Korean Plastic Surgery. Look into the mirror and see what you have got, not what you are lack of. Do not forget that photographs can be enhanced with the use of photo-editing software, lighting and choice of angles. Be confident and content with who you are. Although I do not know Miss Lemonade, I do want to thank her here for her positive energy and passion shown.


  • yc
    April 20, 2015 - 4:33 am | Permalink

    Hi. I rarely made moments to anything I read online especially blogs. But I find yours are written with so much honesty and sincerity, so much so that I felt compelled to write and let you know I’ve truly enjoyed reading it. Please keep it this way, true, honest and down to earth. For some they let the pics do the talking but I still stand by the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”. I will continue to support your writing unlike those filled with superficial and overly touched up photos/selfies or watever those camho called it. Lol. Have a good day!

  • Gem
    January 13, 2017 - 6:08 pm | Permalink

    Hang Mioku is a very bad example to use for your post because that did not happen in an operating room.
    That happened in her home, with black market silicon and cooking oil, which she injected herself.

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