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Biggy Biggi says, May 31st, 2013   

Hi do you take rice vinegar or just regular wine vinegar?

Chen says, October 12th, 2013   

Rice Vinegar

Dallebelle says, April 11th, 2014   

Do you have to close the pot with a cover after you add the radish slices?

Chen says, April 12th, 2014   

Yes. I close the pot with a cover after I add the radish slices.

yihao says, April 21st, 2014   

Do you use Korean raddish or just any raddish will do? heard that the taste and texture might be affected a little.

Chen says, April 21st, 2014   

I just use normal radish. Haha.

Lana says, December 9th, 2014   

Can i use any different kind of vinegar instead of rice vinegar
cause i couldn’t find any rice vinegar where i live

Chen says, December 10th, 2014   

You may try, but not recommended because the taste would be different. Try to find it at Asian, Chinese, Korean or Japanese Grocery stores.

naomi says, January 25th, 2015   

how much weight 2 white radish?))))

watchuu says, March 18th, 2015   

so the radish slices were put in the water after it boiled? not put the radish WHILE the water boiling?

Chen says, March 20th, 2015   


Morgan says, April 15th, 2016   

Yes. You don’t want to cook the crispness out of the radishes- you just want the flavors/colors to penetrate that’s why you put it in when it’s hot- I actually just pour the liquid over packed radishes in the jar that I’m going to store them in!

mdys says, March 21st, 2015   

Waw, its help me so much, good post. I’ll try it soon 🙂

monie says, August 13th, 2015   

Can I skip bay leaves and peppercorn ?

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