Learn Korean Online: Free Korean Lessons – My Top 3 Favourite Programs

This is a list of my top 3 favourite free online programs to learn Korean easily. I like them all for different reasons. There are hundreds more – these are simply the ones I use personally. The desire to learn Korean is quite admirable, and fortunately there are many support websites to teach Korean to new learners exist around the world. The most important thing to remember is that learning a language can be frustrating at first, but it is worth the effort. I’ve provided links to the websites below. Let’s get started and begin to learn Korean online.

Click Korean by Seoul National University (the best kept secret online)

Click Korean by Seoul National University

If you ask me, what website is the best to learn Korean? My answer will be Click Korean by Seoul National University. The link was given by my previous Korean teacher from Seoul National University. The program consists of 20 units, each comprised of the following 6 sections: Introduction, Vocabulary, Dialogue, Grammar and Expressions, Reading and Culture. Many websites do not teach you the pronunciation rules. Click Korean covers preliminary material, which are specially designed for people who have not been exposed to the language before. The creation of Hangeul and its formation are explained in brief and the vowels are presented. The consonants and basic pronunciation rules of Korean are presented too.

Sogang Korean Program by Sogang University

Sogang Korean Program by Sogang University

Sogang University has put together an excellent free site full of information and exercises to help you learn Korean. It offers introductory, novice and intermediate online courses. All lessons include Hangul text, romanizations, and sound files. However, in my opinion, the Sogang Korean Program is much more detailed, in-depth and complicated. So, if you have little or no exposure to Korean language before, go for Click Korean. You can try Sogang University Korean Language Program after you’ve learned the basics through Click Korean.

Let’s Learn Korean (New) by KBS WORLD Radio

Let's Learn Korean (New) by KBS WORLD Radio

Have you just arrived in Korea and can’t read a single word at the airport, hotel, restaurant etc.? Let’s Learn Korean by KBS WORLD Radio consists of 20 lessons of different situations for you to learn and speak Korean fast, you will gain lots of Korean words and phrases that are sure help you in your travels around Korea. It’s a very great site for you if you have no time or just want a quick and easy free Korean Lessons for beginners.

Can I learn Korean online?

Although I did go for classes, I think it’s possible to learn it without a teacher. There is no “best” way to learn a language, because everyone learns slightly differently. However, some methods appear to be more effective than others. I personally enjoy learning Korean online but I don’t have self-discipline, so I have to go for classes and I think learning from a native speaker can help me expand vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and learn how to use words, idioms and proverbs properly. Last but not least, tell all your friends about Click Korean, Sogang Korean Program and KBS Let’s Learn Korean! I wish you nothing but success in learning Korean.


  • maria bailey
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    good site i am looking to learn korean as i hope to visit in 2 years thankyou 🙂

  • Esther
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    Good recommendation, I will try to learn from the site to sharpen my fundamental of korean. And I found your page is attracted and useful to me, I am looking forward to your upcoming pages. Keep in on.

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      Thank you so much.

  • Marwa
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    Thanks a lot for these links, I will try to learn from them
    Keep up the good writing and good luck in your learning
    thanks again (^_^)

  • Den
    December 26, 2013 - 9:59 pm | Permalink

    These recommendations are brilliant. I was just in Korea for 2.5 months to live and learn the language from the Kongbubang weekly free class (1000 Won donation/material fee). Would have greatly increased my learning skills if I had found your page earlier.


    • Chen
      December 26, 2013 - 11:23 pm | Permalink

      메리크리스마스 ^^

      • Den
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        감사합니다.. for correcting my mistake with the 크

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    Thank you so much!! This is very helpful. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

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    I ‘m going to use it/ I think it’s perfect.
    hope to learn Korean language with this sites

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